I am Andrea Ott

and I have been a course instructor, lecturer and personal trainer in the areas of fitness, rehabilitation and prevention for more than 29 years and am also an exercise person through and through in my free time. Since I came to the movement concept of Spiraldynamik® 17 years ago, my enthusiasm for it has not waned. Rather, today more than ever, it is my desire to share this enthusiasm. To show other people, my participants, clients, that regardless of age, gender, and prior experience, we have the potential for growth and change within us. That the body, that system of movement can be changed, can be shaped and thus can again be part of our being here on earth – provided that we decide to take this path.

I invite you to do this with all my heart!

Steffi S.
Travel&Housing Coordinator
“Constant back pain led me to Andrea. Through her training I have gained a very good body feeling, more stability and better posture. What I appreciate about Andrea’s work is the very individual approach to me, the fine readjustment in exercises so that the posture is coherent and the training is therefore efficient.”


Markus O.
“I’ve been training with Andrea for years and I’m sure that’s why I’m so healthy, because we worked on the deficiencies early on. The training is efficient, always up-to-date adapted and long-term goal-oriented. It’s actually fun and I often say “Thanks for the strenuous workout!”. You have to achieve that first.”