Literally translated retreat means retreat, in a broader sense it is a time out. Which offers the possibility to devote oneself to one’s own body, to one’s own BEING here on earth in peace, far away from everyday life. I “discovered” a wonderful place on Crete for this purpose, which also helped me with its wonderful energy to come to rest far away from Berlin and to find myself.

Dytikos (Lentas) in the south of Crete was in the early 70’s one of the famous hippie communities where the unconventional BEING lived on the beach with Sex, Drugs and Rock’n Roll. The residents there have kept this free way of being alive, preserving a place where slowness and joie de vivre come together. No matter if bikini or nudist, no matter if staying overnight in a tent on the beach or in a hotel/apartment… everyone like he/she likes it.


You can find more about Lentas


“Spend some time with yourself every day.”

Dalai Lama


The retreat offers you the opportunity to spend time with yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To come to you, to get in touch with you, your body and your heart.

The body and movement work in the morning and in the afternoon (4h/day in total) will support you. Breathing, moving, bringing clarity to the movement and alignment of the body… coming into slowness and enjoying the body.

In terms of content, I am strongly oriented towards the individual needs of the participants. What issues do you bring with you and what do you want in your body – that is, what qualities of movement – do you want to develop further.

We will enjoy dinners together, visit the remains of the temple of Asclepius in Lentas and besides you will have a lot of time
completely with yourself. 😀