Iris G.

Personnel Psychologist

“Andrea places great emphasis on accuracy in her work – it starts with the background knowledge and ends with the execution of each exercise. She picked me up from where I was (condition after surgery on my hand, massive shoulder problems) and accompanied me in gradually bringing my body back into balance (ability to bear weight and above all my posture). We worked together with spacing for about a year and I achieved all the goals we discussed in advance. Today I can attend all yoga classes and Pilates workouts again without any problems. Training with Andrea is fun, challenging and at the same time relaxing and characterized by lightness. The individual exercises were individually tailored to my needs and in some cases creatively developed with me – incorporating my existing training paraphernalia at home. I also enjoy attending Andrea’s classes offered (yoga, fitness) and day classes (Spiraldynamik®).”


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7. September 2020

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