Katrin B.

Actress/screenwriter and children’s book author

“I am 41 years old and would never have thought that I could still change (!) so much about my body through targeted training. Especially because various doctors have persuaded me over the years that I have to put up with my chronic tailbone pain, knee problems and foot metatarsalgia “at my age”. The only alternative: orthotics and/or surgery. But both only treat the symptom, not the cause! Even with physio, sports and osteopathy I could not get my physical complaints under control on my own. Thanks to my regular Spiraldynamik® training with Andrea Ott, I have been completely free of pain and complaints for half a year now. Not only does it have a huge impact on my well-being and quality of life, but my body and I are a team again. I understand more and more how everything is connected – my body as a perfect interaction when everything is “back in place.””


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4. November 2018

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